Friday, August 27, 2010

Don't You See That I Love You?

Words just popped in my head and it turned into a poem.
Title is stated above.

When the moments fly,
I looked up in the sky,
Saw your name written on it,
I couldn't believe my eyes.

This heart have been waiting for so long,
For you to come along,
I wait this day to come,
And now you're here and welcomed.

You've filled the empty space in my heart,
And I know we will never be apart,
You and I share the same feeling,
It shall be forever and willing.

What I feel towards you is true,
I can't deny it anymore,
My heart is beating for you,
Don't you see that I love you?


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

making life decision..yet still can't make up mind..

Why is it so hard to make decision? I don't know, I gave my answer but its not my final decision yet. I still having second thoughts, whether to go or not. To be honest, I hate that place in fact, I hate the people there. I really hate the people there. Dead serious hate! But why something in me triggers me and says that I should go? Should I? I mean, it will be starting all over again..meeting new friends, orientation..gah! Lecture hall, how I hate lecture hall. What is triggering me inside then? I have to make my decision fast! seriously, fast! To go or not to go? This thinking is making me depressed, I might be going back to the old road again. Dammit!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Confuse? dead confuse =(

What I heard from our KJ just now..was.. rather a shocking yet devastating news. It made me think and i've never ever think like this before. Eight of us will be chosen to go to the other program which will twin with UiTM. Now, here's the problem. I'm confuse whether to go or not, my head told me to go but my heart told me to stay. My mom told me to go...
Here's the pros and cons if I go to the place...

  1. The place is big and convenient
  2. it's in KL, well.. shopping haven
  3. most of my friends are there
  1. Homesick, hard for me to adapt
  2. meeting new friends..again (not good at it)
  3. Far from parents (not a good thing for me)
  4. High cost of living
  5. I hate the traffic and some people there
  6. I don't enjoy the attitude of some people
  7. Rudeness (some)


God please help me to choose the correct path, please let me have peace of mind in making this decision. Amen.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Proud for who I am =)

Rainbow Colors is ANOTHER way for God to say...

it's OKAY to be GAY! :D

I'm proud to be who and what I am now, I'm gay and I love being one, I don't care what people is going to talk about me, thrashing behind my back and stuff, but one thing for sure, being gay is the most happy decision that i've made so far. Woohoo!


Pride Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fragments of Me

Okay, I wrote this when I was feeling down last week, stuff happens. When I got home during that night, I feel unwanted. People that I love were fighting because of me, I heard them and it really hurts me. From that all, I turn to hurting myself again. I promise that I wouldn't do that bloody thing but that pain is unbearable. I did lost blood, an average amount but I don't care. My mind was blocked and all I think is about suicide. Apart from all those shitty things, I came out with this.

Fragments of Me

This falling fragments of me,
Slowly falling into pieces,
One by one,
Sounds of clashing,
Sounds of despair.

When I look into a blank wall,
All I see is a gloomy image of me,
These precious virgin tears,
Slowly flowing down from the eyes,
Tears of sorrow.

This heart is weak,
Fragile and easily torn,
Watch me as this razor kissed my wrist,
Kiss this wrist with its sharp blade,
Let the blood flow,
Blood of anger.

Do you hear my heart beat?
Its beating slowly,
Those beatings tainted the surrounding,
and it shows how much I'm hurt inside,
Beatings if sadness.

See the blood as it flows down,
Let the blood taint the soil,
Let the ground feel its pain,
And know that this fool
is dying inside...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

you're seriously annoying!

Oh for the love of God, you're friggin annoying! I don't know if you realize that but you are, damn! Okay fine, I know you're all of that but stop being such a full of yourself! Gah! Its really bothering me. You know what? When your friend say that you're annoying, I agree with her. I just don't want to tell you that the FACT THAT YOU'RE ANNOYING, coz yeah, I don't want to hurt your feelings. And I've been holding back, oh what the hell! You've been annoying me since last year!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Need your opinions on depression :)

Well..assignment.. the usual..

What to do? It's going to be a really hectic month..

We have to write a persuasive speech by choosing from these topic given:

1. Environment

2. Health


4. Education

5. Gender and Society

6. Social Issues

From these topics, I chose Social Issues coz yeah you know the world is like upside down now, social problems here and there. I decided to do on depression. Anybody have ever suffering from depression? I need some ideas, I've been in that situation and I have my own opinions but I need other people opinions too. So, tomorrow I have to show to my tutor my introduction of my essay. Wish me luck! xoxo

By the way, here's my title for my speech..

'Depression' - Silent Killer

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Fuck everything! Arghhhhhh! Why do she have to make my life miserable?! Bloody fucking hell? Oh yes, I'm wrong! I'm bloody wrong..wrong..WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I'm mean! Ugh! I thought that this morbid and depressed feeling will be gone forever after vanessa but you just make things more worse.. yes, I have your heart but I feel like giving it back. I'm not sure, I don't know but inside me, I'm missing you. I know in me that I can't let you go but I'm trying hard to but I really don't want. I'm confused, really confused, should I be with you or not? I feel like I'm in a box which you held it tight and wouldn't free me. I need space to breathe, to walk around and to see the world. Because of you, I'm like so upset now and I feel empty inside. But the most weirdest part is, I MISSED YOU SO MUCH! Now why am I missing you? I'm not suppose to miss you, or anything. With you being a part of my life, sometimes make me happy but sometimes it made me sad coz you were being morbid and all and eventually I'll become depressed. Gah! Nuff said bout stupid stuff!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


[my favourite pic of all the pics..coz we're showing off our asses! :D]

Okay..labuan was so fun! Though I went there for like every year, but this time is with my friends, no grown ups..I repeat..NO GROWN-UPS! Mwahahaahahahaha...FREEDOM! :p
Finally, I'm out from my house. A dream come true. So, we went to Menumbok then we ride the speed boat, bumpy yet fun. We arrived at Labuan about 10am. Then, we check into our hotel, Pulau Labuan 2. Haha, our room [girls] were small but what the heck.. Then we went to lunch then walk around UK for few hours. After that, we rent car and we to interesting places, took pictures then go. Was so much fun and all the things I've been stressing bout all gone. Then night came, we went back to the hotel, shower and go out. We had KFC for dinner and we went to matriks. Ahh, good memories are been made there. I meet up with Stephanie, Mel, Yvonne and OMG.. Steffi. I don't know why but she seems so happy to see me and I am happy to see her. And she smiled all the time when we're both talking, and when I was about to go home, she's kinda sad. Awww.. I wished she would feel the same way as I feel towards her. Thats what I told Candice, "I'm in love with someone but she's straight." Steffi is who I'm talking about. When I see her, ohmigosh, its like you can hear birds chirping and your heart sings. Most happiest part for during meeting her is when she said, " Can I get a hug?" OMG, hugging her made me smile and i'm still smiling now. I've been smiling since friday night and kept thinking about her. I so so want to meet her again. Ok, nuff said bout matriks, lets move on to nightlife. After matriks, we went back to the hotel, we bought 12 bottles of beer. HAHA! We didn't drink much but yeah, we did drank like 5 bottles. Then my friend and my cousin sleep early. Boo hoo! So, me and the girls went out and drive around labuan. We went out about at 2am. Guess where we end up? We went to Pop In. Its a pub/club and OMG it was awesome! The atmosphere...the people! AMAZING! So, I drank a bottle of beer coz my friends were not in the mood. My friend, Nana, drag me to the dance floor.. so I danced my hearts out. I don't care what people thinks, I dance! Fuck yeah! We went out from the place at 3.30am then head for McDonald for a bite. We went back to the hotel about 4.30am. Oh my, I can't sleep so I didn't sleep for the whole night. Hihi! I didn't bought anything there tho coz I spent my money mostly on food, beer, hotel, transportation, and other stuff. We're planning on going back there when we have the time. I can't wait. But after April, there's no reason for me to go to Labuan coz my friends finished their course in matriks on the 18th yeah. But Pop In is a place I must go. Imma go to bed now, tomorrow class start, xoxo.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I fucking hate it when they fight!

I hate it when they fight, I mean my parents. Last night they fought, in the kitchen and yes I heard them. I listen to every word every sentences they say. Its really sad, I really hate crying coz crying affects the people around me. My downside of my shirt was full of blood last night. I can't stand the fightings. There are scars on my left arm, so as the blood will dry on my shirt. I feel at ease when seeing the blood flows. But I'm still sad coz of last night. I heard my mom said about leaving and that seriously stroke deeply into my heart with God forsaken piercing pain. I still feel the pain now, tears always flooded my eyes when I think of it. I cried in class today and damn! Why must I cry in front of my friends. I hate it! I bloody fucking hate it! I made them cry too, Nana and Dora. *sniffs* But when they hugged me, and my I feel at ease a bit. Hugs do make me feel better. But I really can't stand to see them crying..guiltiness affects me. Just now, when I'm with Dora, I can't explain why coz I feel so calm. When she hugged me tightly, calmness go throughout my body. When she cried just now, again, I feel pain. Staring at her eyes, seeing her smile..somehow makes me happy. When i'm sad, she's always be with me and say all those calming words. Today when I was crying my heart out, she hugged me tightly and whispered to my ear, saying that "when you feel sad, just think of me". Those words touched me deeply. Made me cry tears of joy. No one ever says that to me but this is just so sweet! I just want to hug her closely to my heart now. How can I make this family in peace? I can't stand it anymore! I hate being being sad, I cut! Please, no more! I'm trying so hard to avoiding cutting. Fuck! This cuts hurts. My arm is sore. I'll just try to calm down then. I'm just scared if they're really leaving, I'm scared of whats gonna happen to my sisters. I don't want them to break down just like I do. I want to protect them and keep the sadness away. For now, I just wished for this family to return to normal and be happy again. I just want to see those smiling faces and spending time together with each other. *fingers crossed*